Have you been there yet?

I like Arcade Fire. Back in 2007 when I was in Vienna missing my family, and friends their songs really became the soundtrack to my experience.

One in specific always takes me back to an exact moment I was going up some subway stairs – “No cars go”. And it’s not just the whole song either. It’s a specific part of the song – the first 55 seconds. I was really excited because my cousin E. was coming to visit, the weather had been wonderful for weeks and I had finally started to enjoy my experience.

A few weeks earlier I had been to Portugal for a few days, and my best friend A.F. got me a ticket for a festival where Arcade Fire would be playing. She and my sister F. had been singing “Rebellion (Lies)” the whole year before that, in an incredible annoying way – one would say “everytime you close your eyes”, and the other would answer “Lies! Lies!”; just that…all the time…in random situations. To the point I almost couldn’t hear the music!

I’m so glad I didn’t discard Arcade Fire completely! “Rebellion (Lies)” is still one of my favourites, and after that concert Arcade Fire will forever remain between the three of us as “Arrrcade Fieeerrre” (with a French accent)  🙂

I have been waiting for their new work with excitement. “The Suburbs” comes out on the 2nd of August in the UK, and a first single can be heard in their website. I don’t know if I’m missing some button but it seems to me you have to work for it 😉

Check it out (if you haven’t yet), and let me know if you find a better way!

I can’t wait for a concert!


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