Oh Sinnerman

Nina Simone, a female voice my brain doesn’t reject.

I really seem to have a problem with some female singers. Not that I don’t like the music, but I really can’t stand some female voices. Even when they are quite good, and I can see they are good. But my brain just really rejects them, and makes whatever song they are performing really unbearable.

Interestingly enough, differences in pitch don’t seem to be the problem as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Adriana Calcanhoto are all just perfect (for me).

A note on Billie Holiday’s performance of “Strange Fruit”. If only most musicians were able to be half as expressive as she is! I admit I know the context of the song. Having said that, I do wonder how one would feel with no previous knowledge of that context. Her facial expressions transmit such sadness, such urgency, and such anger – or perhaps a mix of frustration and helplessness. More than the facial expressions, the use she makes of her voice during the song would, in my view, leave no room for doubt about the strong emotional feelings surrounding it.


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