United States of Tara

This is the opening theme to this Showtime series – which, by the way, is an incredible insight into a life of a person with dissociative identity disorder, with an amazing performance by Toni Collette (who we already knew was that good specially after Little Miss Sunshine).

The series has been highly acclaimed, with Toni Collette winning several awards for her role (or should I say “roles”?).

The opening sequence has also won an Emmy for its incredibly design. The song, performed by Tim DeLaughter, fits perfectly. An example of the interplay between the visual arts and music to maximize the impact in a world that is not short of televised series to offer! Interestingly enough, Showtime’s Dexter has also an incredible opening sequence, with a unique tune that seems to fit the spirit of the series and the initial visual sequence perfectly. Whoever is coming up with these ideas really knows what they’re doing!


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