aha! I found it!

I’m surprised because I haven’t watched the Dead Poets’ Society for what? 10 years or more!

In the shower it occurred to me it was most definitely some sort of bagpipe tune so it had to be from the movie. I google “Scottish tune Dead poets’ society”, and one of the initial articles was “bagpipes go to the movies”. Under Dead Poets’ Society there it was, Scotland the Brave. And that, folks, is the music in my head this morning!

I have absolutely no idea why! It just popped up!


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2 Responses to aha! I found it!

  1. Rui Fragoso says:

    “bagpipes go to the movies” lol lembrei-me disto…

  2. Rita Bee says:

    Ah Rui! Obrigada! Está excelente!! Esse filme é excelente!!

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