Ain't got no, I got life

In this version, Nina Simone and Groovefinder from the album The very best of Nina Simone.

I can remember the exact spot I first heard this album. A warm Summer day in Lisbon, sitting in my Polo, waiting for my sister F. just outside her campus a couple of years ago. This version was an extra in this album that she had just bought. The rest of my memory about the day is a bit vague, for instance, I can’t recall if we drove back home or if we stayed around.

I find intriguing how music-associated memories work. They seem to get imprinted in our mind with such strength that it’s as if our brain treats every single time we listen to a song as a highly relevant event that needs to be well stored.

This sort of observation makes me wonder about the adaptive value of music. If our mind has limited storage capacity and resources, why would our brain waste time and space saving memories connected to songs that sometimes we don’t even like? And it seems to do that for any and every song we listen to. Why?

Perhaps being able to store such information and recall it was important in a time when literacy wasn’t widespread, and it was a way to store relevant information about where you came from, where you lived, who were your friends and who wasn’t, how to plant or prepare this and that food…We can still see that today in some societies where writing and reading isn’t part of their lives. They use music to communicate important information. And being able to communicate, store, and recall that information well was the key to survival.

The “adaptive value” discussion is one that I find extremely interesting. Memory hadn’t occurred to me yet, but it seems to increase the set of arguments for the adaptive value of music. However, it could be that it wasn’t music only but other forms of creative output that provided the optimal conditions for storage of relevant information. In this sense, it would be creativity that has adaptive value being music one of many formats through which such important and relevant feature to our survival comes to be.

Humm…what do you think?


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2 Responses to Ain't got no, I got life

  1. Filipa says:

    Que giro o teu site 🙂 está muito bem a nível visual e colocas música que gosto…#1 fan 🙂 beijinhos

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