Joy Division

Love will tear us apart is possibly one of my top 5 all time favourite songs. Not so much for the lyrics (which are brilliant anyway) but more for the energy of the music.

The simplicity of Ian Curtis’ words are what makes it a brilliant song. Funny enough, it seems the other members of the band failed to realize he was not telling someone else’s story! He was actually talking about his own feelings!

Later on, after his suicide, they read the lyrics from their songs properly, and realized they had missed “warning signs”. But it wasn’t as if Ian was using metaphors! He laid all his emotions, feelings and frustrations on his lyrics for everyone to see. Maybe the fact that it was so straightforward prevented people from seeing the obvious!

In this light, it’s not surprising he got so depressed he couldn’t handle it anymore: you are sad, and frustrated; you find an amazing way to express your feelings, but no one takes notice…Now that must be depressing!


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