Video Killed…

…The Radio Star! Just popped up! Did you know that this was actually the first video to be transmitted by the American MTV? The year was 1981 but the single had actually been released two years earlier. Things moved slower back then…

On his live performances, David Fonseca always introduces his The 80’s with some cover from the 80’s. During his first big concert in Lisbon, on the 23rd of November 2006 in Aula Magna, it actually followed a top 10 countdown of 80’s songs.

This top 10 had been chosen by the listeners of the Portuguese radio station Antena 3, and David performed an amazing countdown with each song blending into the next with a perfect flow. I had been burning to stand up and dance the whole concert, and was getting really anxious that no one else seemed to want to do the same. It felt a bit embarrassing to stand up on my own. But then one of the songs in the Top 10 was Dancing with myself (Billy Idol), another one of my 80’s favourites. As I sat there listening to it, I thought “Hell yeah! Who cares? This is stupid! Look at all these people, moving their legs, taping their foots in their sits!”. So I turned to my sister F and said “Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to stand up and dance now”. And so I did.

When my favourite* 80’s song Take on Me (Aha) came up as number 1, I was dancing with myself! But not for long! The girl sitting two seats away stood up as well, and so did some more people behind us. By the time The 80’s came along, everyone was standing!

On his live performances after this one, David has started to use Video Killed the radio star to introduce The 80’s. Obviously I’m glad that I was fortunate enough to have been there in 2006, 2008, 2010 to know this. David’s concerts in Lisbon are memorable. Hell, David’s concerts are memorable anywhere ! Even showcases in Fnacs!

Before David came along, first with Silence4 and then on his own, I had serious doubts about the quality of Portuguese musical artists popping up in the 90’s. But he proved to all of us who thought that Portuguese music was doomed to be either tacky or nostalgic, that it needn’t be so.

And although there still are those tacky and nostalgic sides in Portuguese music, David made room for a whole new, tasteful and high quality, side. Even some artists that expressed this quality way before him but without much success gained new visibility.

He’s particularly creative, and his live shows are always worth your time. If you get the chance, don’t miss it!

I am sure some of David’s songs will pop up every now and then. So do expect some of his videos to end up here 🙂

*It’s the video…I love it! It’s brilliant!


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