Glee – Well, I could never get in!

I spent much of my Saturday watching Glee. I’m classifying it as “research” 🙂 Ahhh…I love my job…

What can I say? I admire people who can sing, dance and act at the same time! Some researchers (Levitin, 2006) say that it is possible that sort of admiration is hard-wired 😀

My favourite clip is Dancing with myself. Although the one of the kid who does Single Ladies is right behind it!

I am still not sure about Glee Clubs. With this tv series they are starting to sprout like mushrooms in the US, in the UK…I guess they are a good alternative to the usual musical classes most of us had in school. But the fact that many of them need to have an intense competitive characteristic to survive only pushes forward the elitist model of choral singing.

This model leaves out many of the kids that maybe are not such fantastic singers (or who don’t think they can sing) but would perhaps provide a reasonable contribution to the group singing. After all, when singing together, we don’t all have to be really really good to produce a beautiful outcome.

I am sure most of you have been to concerts by your favourite bands, and experienced that in the first person. Last Friday, at the Pearl Jam concert it was the first time I heard so many guys singing together, and although what I was listening to was quite nice, and actually kinda perfect, I am sure most of those men don’t have any sort of musical training (and perhaps don’t even attempt singing outside their bathroom!).

Maybe individually they were not the best singers (as measured by our usual high standards of what “good” singing is supposed to sound like) but together they sounded just right. Glee Clubs are a good initiative but I think we need to find a model that moves towards a less elitist way of approaching choral singing…

Levitin, D. (2006). This is your brain on Music: Understanding a Human Obsession. Atlantic Books, London.


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