ok, I was just working on a study proposal when my brain started to torture me with a horrible mashup. I mean, the songs don’t even mash up well!!!

It goes like this:

The beat goes on, The beat goes on; You’re the one that I want uh uh uh, You better shape up, cause I need a man!; The Beat goes on…”

Seriously?! Please! And then to make matters worse, Springsteen version of the amazing but highly misplaced I’m on fire joined in!

My usual solution to those horrible things my brain puts me through is to listen to the songs…But I just have no patience for Sonny and Cher. So I’ll listen to that one first and leave Springsteen to last. I can then just continue to listen the rest of the album…That won’t hurt! But Grease? Please, seriously? Shoot me now…

Now, just because he’s so awesome, here’s the Boss…


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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