Oh Hello U2! It has been a while!

This just popped up…

They make a good example of how bad fashion was in the beginning of the 90’s but still pretty good song. I do wonder if this video inspired (perhaps at some subconscious level) R.A.M. on their Sleep now in the fire video…Com’on! It’s not that unlikely! 🙂 U2 have been so influential at so many levels, their impact (whether you like them or not) as an alternative rock band is difficult to ignore.

Once again U2 will be in Portugal…Once again I will miss it…Seriously, will I be the only U2 fan on the planet who doesn’t make it to one of their concerts?? I am not sure words can convey how much that upsets me…

I prefer the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s work but some of the recent work is ok…Although they no longer are such a frequent feature in my musical diet, they are on the top of my “must see live” list.

On my birthday, I like to listen to New Year’s Day. For many years, it really was the most adequate song! Now it became kind of a ritual but with a change of setting, the meaning and feeling it gave me has changed. Maybe because it was the first time I was away from home on my b-day, in such an awesome trip, I now feel the wind in my face and it takes me back to that moment we were driving from Auckland to Bethells Beach. Just to show that we can have some songs that follow us throughout our life but that doesn’t mean they will always represent and invoke the same memories, unless we keep them locked in our bedroom…


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