Alexi Murdoch & Co.

Such a Saturday morning song for me!I’m glad this popped up instead of Lady Gaga (sorry all your Gaga lovers out there; I respect her work and actually think she does work hard but I really don’t like her music) or Bonnie Tyler (gosh, Total eclipse of the heart really gets on my nerves, and since I heard it on Glee I’ve been afraid it would pop up and stick around for too long).

From the album Time Without Consequence (2006). Also on the O.S.T. for Away we go (great 2009 movie) and the tv series The O.C. (which I enjoyed from the moment the skinny whiny girl passed away: the whole series just got so much better!).

This song brings me some good musical memories! Including the likes of Zero 7 and Swedish musician José González and the unforgettable Sony ad with his Heartbeats. Seeing him live at the 2006 edition of the Sudoeste festival was the most quiet festival concert I ever attended! Everyone was so quiet that anyone entering the area unaware of the required silence was shushed immediately by everyone else already there 🙂 All we wanted to hear was his voice and his guitar…Was awesome!


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