Hans Zimmer und James Newton Howard

When I opened youtube today, Inception was all over it. Although some magazine describes it as “James Bond meets the Matrix”, the new movie by Christopher Nolan actually reminds me of his previous work with The Dark Knight. You’ve got Hans Zimmer in charge of the soundtrack, and Heath Ledger’s side kick on 10 Things I Hate About You. Put a black cape and mask in Leonardo and there, Batman! Marion even looks a bit like Maggie Gyllenhaal. I like that Nolan has a thing for dark haired women…Take that blond bombshells!

In any case, the cast is amazing and I am really looking forward to see what the movie is all about. Actually, I find it pretty cool that they cast into the same movie really good actors that usually do very well in intelligent, independent movies, and who I wouldn’t expect to see on a blockbuster. But that’s the “Leonardo effect” I guess. A guy who I thought was just another Hollywood pretty face with not much acting talent but who has proven to be not only an extremely good actor but one with a conscious too! The movies he’s in have been showing me that “Big Hollywood blockbuster” and “Intelligent screenplay” are not mutually exclusive. And Nolan seems to be a specialist in that!

Although I am expecting a good movie, I still can’t shake the Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard/Dark Knight feeling it gives me…And sure enough, I’m not a hero popped up. It’s my favourite composition from the soundtrack I usually use to focus and calm down…

It really isn’t the story that reminds me of The Dark Knight. It’s the music. Isn’t it amazing how many movie/tv series memories are built with music? From the top of my head: The Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The A-Team, MacGyver, The X-Files, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and that other movie I can’t remember the name right now but would tell you the music associated to it!! It’s a black and white movie, likely something of the 30’s, where only this blind man knows who the murderer is because he would whistle or hum this song before getting the little children…


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