We're Leaving

By DeVotchka has been in my head since the moment I woke up this morning.

That and Y viva España. For some reason, it has been popping up today 😉

Talking about that reminds me of National Anthems.. The Netherands’ national anthem would benefit from some updating (the lyrics that is; the music is fine). It’s based on a 16th century piece of anti-Spanish propaganda (not so surprising to find it’s the oldest in the World), and one would think something has happened to that country in the past 400 years that would be worth mentioning…Like most national anthems, sounds a little bit out of date…

But does that really matter? If it reminds them of something extraordinary their ancestors accomplished, and provides them with an incredible high and motivation to fight for something behalf their country’s name, isn’t the purpose of their National anthem fulfilled?

What do you think?


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