Super Bock Super Rock

And all the bands I’m going to miss 😦

The line-up for Super Bock Super Rock this year is just plain fantastic! And I can’t get them out of my head this morning…

We’ve got Grizzly Bear on the 16:

On that day I will also miss the Minus label geniuses Richie Hawtin and Magda (which I have been wanting to dance to for 3 years now but haven’t had the opportunity yet…).

Then on the 17th I will miss Vampire Weekend and Tiago Bettencourt & Mantha. Tiago is one of the most accomplished modern poets in Portugal. His lyrics are just fantastic and full of symbolism – what I most like about the Portuguese Poetry tradition (a feature forced by historical reasons, aka, inquisition, dictatorship…but that seems to have served our creativity well).

From Tiago Bettencour & Mantha, my favourite song from the album O Jardim (The Garden), Outono (Autumn):

And just because I’m on a role here, Canção Simples (Simple Song):

Other songs from that album that are worth listening to, include O Jogo, A Ponte, Jardim, and well, the whole thing…If you have access, you can listen to it on Spotify. Tiago’s previous project Toranja also produced some of the most amazing songs of the past decade in Portugal. A Carta (The Letter) and Laços (Strings) are two of the best songs in the Portuguese Music. Unlike David Fonseca, Tiago always sings in Portuguese (not criticizing either, just pointing out choices and how nice it is to hear really good lyrics in my own language). A Carta is also, in my opinion, the best example of the power of symbolism in Portuguese poetry.

Anyway, going back to the festival, on the 18th I will miss The National, Empire of the Sun, the return of the Portuguese project which produced the very eye opening Portugal Portugal song back in 1992 (still adequate today, unfortunately) Palma’s Gang -, John Butler Trio, Wild Beast (can’t believe I’ll miss them, really!!). There’s also Prince on that day and I think it’s a bit sad to miss such a musical icon…

And that’s more than enough for today! This will be the music in my head for the whole day. Hell! For the whole rest of the week and weekend! This must be the best line-up for SB/SR ever! I will try to imagine I am in Portugal, in the midst of festival bliss 🙂


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2 Responses to Super Bock Super Rock

  1. inga johanson says:

    just good to know : music is muziko in esperanto

    we changed s to z like the music from the Bumblebee
    and we changed c to k as we talk like we write
    and we end it all up with a final o

    • Rita Bee says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. So used to write música or music or musique I mispelled muziko!!! I would never notice that typo!!! And I had a really good source too. Oh well…Thank you again 🙂

      I now have a major problem though…Changing the site’s URL is pretty complicated 😦 oh WordPress…Why would you have to go and make it so difficult???

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