Neon Bible

Not much chance for survival if the Neon Bible is right…

In antecipation for their major concert in November in Lisbon, Arrrcade Fiééérrre (to be read with a French accent 😉 ) keeps popping up in my mind. To be honest I have also been actively seeking it on my iTunes eheh…

Their new album The Suburbs is going to be available in the UK on the 2nd of August. I’ve been acting like a weird person trying to listen to the first two singles on their website (as an earlier post mentioned, they didn’t make it easy!). I will be in SW of Portugal around that time (viva a Costa Vincentina!), I won’t be able to get it straight away…But I will as soon as I get back on the 10th! Yes, maybe it will be on Spotify but Arcade Fire’s albums are worth it.

What about you? Do you still buy CDs?


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2 Responses to Neon Bible

  1. Rui says:

    No, they are expensive =(

    Agora em português, acho que são demasiado caros. Comprava um cd por 20 euros, se além do cd, juntassem uma t-shirt da banda por exemplo… não sei porque é que ninguém se lembra disto mas pronto 😛

    • Rita Bee says:

      Pois, aqui no UK são bem mais baratos…5 libras e até consegues por menos (tens é que esperar que passem alguns meses desde a altura em que saem…)

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