Human Communication: A tricky business

It is quite possible that during your lifetime you meet someone that makes you feel like this song describes. If you like to observe human behaviour, you may also then become able to recognize the same situation as an spectator on someone else’s life. If, on top of that all, it turns out you’re someone with a license to meddle on other people’s business (a.k.a. Psychologist) you may start thinking of ways you would help out. Not so much the person who is able to communicate so clearly, and honestly what he/she doesn’t want, but more the person on the other side who can’t seem to process the information with the same clarity. This is a major problem as we need to be able to understand what other people are telling us in order to act accordingly. What seems to happen most of the time is that this last sort of people just don’t seem able to do that with great pain for themselves and frustration for the others who are trying to tell them something important. The usual reaction on this side is just to push even further away, and end up cutting all sorts of ties just to avoid such a “deaf” person.

What if you find yourself on the receiving end of this situation? We all have misunderstood others at some point or another in our lives. I’m surprised we humans have evolved so far. It seems we are much better misunderstanding than the other way around!

How many of us end up on the receiving end of that conversation? Odds are, if we are in that position, we are not so good at self-assessment or self-awareness so maybe we never really thought about it. Maybe without help we never will, forever locked in a circle of rejection caused by our own inability to not only listen but to understand what’s being said…


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