When sight rules over sound

Tonight Tonight

The only reason why I won’t put a link to the music video is because I really want to share the song. The visual information in music videos is just too distracting from the songs themselves. Part of the MTv audience for many years, I do wonder if some famous mainstream music artists are so because their songs are really good or because their videos make us like it more.

Having spent some time listening to the radio last night, I rediscovered this song and the reaction I had to it was very positive. However, looking back, I remember liking it when it came out because of the video…

I now prefer to create my own visual information to go with the songs in my life. I’m therefore glad I don’t own a TV and I don’t “watch” the music MTV wants me too.


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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