Live acts – When all humans love to sing…

Starlight has been in my mind the whole day. Not surprising after last nights’ show, and being one of my favourites…

I truly enjoy live concerts. Being one without a group singing outlet (or any other sort of singing outlet for that matter), I always like to take any opportunity I get to sing together with thousands of others the songs that I like the most: no pressure or anxiety about my voice, no fear of singing the wrong notes and having that noticed by the people around me…Just plain singing.

And it’s amazing that when I stop in the middle of it all to appreciate the moment, the sound that I get, that one voice composed of thousands of voices is just the perfect sound.

Judging by the excitement of everyone else around me I’d say our society’s general attitude towards music and singing is really crippling us. When I watch myself and all those people around me throw our hands in the air, sing as loud as we can, beat our feet in the ground, surely looking like crazy maniacs to anyone to whom the western rock concert paradigm is unknown, I truly believe humans really need to sing. It’s not just something we may or may not do, you know, if we feel like it: it’s something we have to do.

The more I read about it, work on this project, and notice our behaviour, the more I realize our attitudes towards music and singing are not healthy. We put ourselves in this position of deprivation which we try to compensate every now and then by going to concerts by our favourite musicians. Do note I am talking about the majority of the population, who do not sing or play an instrument, and am talking about the sorts of music you can sing to, and musicians you can sing with.

I just think it’s really sad. From all the things we categorize as “wrong” for humans to do, singing surely wouldn’t fall in the “immoral” or “unethical” categories. So how on Earth did this happen?!?


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