To be young, gifted and black

I just finished The Help…Have been reading for a few days but it was the sort of book that gives me that “reading feeling” as I’ll call it – the moment I pick it up I just don’t want to put it down until it’s finished. I would have done so, but a couple of reasons prevented it: 1) I didn’t want to look like a teenager reading the whole night through (I read a few bits before sleep like a proper adult, and spent the rest of the night and the following day thinking about it, waiting for the moment I could go and read again); and 2) the e-reader battery went dead on me, and I had to wait for a couple more days until I got back home…Yes, I gave up trying to act like an adult after a day of it but technology kept me in line.

I do like that feeling though, when a book is so exciting I just don’t want to stop reading it. And I get real wrapped up in it too. All my attention is focused on the story, on the people…I just love how that feels. We’re all big readers in my family. Sometimes it feels we’re trying to make up for all the generations of women before us who were not allowed to learn how to read!

This book is told mostly in the first person by three different women in Jackson Mississipi in the beginning of the 60’s. So right in the middle of the civil rights movement. Although it’s a work of fiction, the stories, I guess, could be real.

It makes me realize I am quite fortunate to have been born where I was and when I was, to be a XXIst Century woman, in Europe, even from Portugal, but mostly, in my family! And makes me wonder about all the people working in similar conditions in today’s world! I know from my own experience that I couldn’t do that, I can’t do that: just nod, and agree, and not being able to express my opinion or having to endure humiliation for fear of what someone in a power position would do to me, to my career, to my life…Or worse! Watch them do something wrong and go along with it! I have proved myself that is something I don’t put up with. It’s not easy but the “fear of man” is worth fighting off our minds. Yes, it may put you in a lonely position sometimes but in the end of the day you know you did what was right and it feels so good to be different in that way!

Throughout the whole book I had this song in my mind.


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