(Live) Musicals

This whole week, the Phantom of the Opera musical has been in my head.

My friend A. and her sister M. came to visit this past week. Obviously we went up to London. But this time, more than just having a look around, we had a very importance event to attend. A. has wanted to see the Phantom of the Opera since the movie came out in 2004!! She’s a great fan of the musical.

Back then, we went to see the movie together. Myself and our friend T. had such a laugh! We found it ridiculously romantic! A. and my sister F. were upset with us as they found it extremely beautiful and we kept spoiling the beauty in it. I am one of those people who always point out the ridiculous in the romantic; it’s kind of a protection reaction I guess. Being an extremely romantic teenager, I soon learnt that was a trait XXIst century women should not display as it make us look vulnerable.

When A. called saying she was coming and that she would like to see that particular musical I though “oh dear [insert image of a face of someone in pain]”. But, as a good friend, sometimes you put up with something you really don’t feel like because you know it will make your friend happy. And so I bought the tickets.

From that moment, whatever music I remembered from the movie kept popping up. Mainly, the part where the Phantom says “The Phantom of the Opera is here…Inside your mind”…

But there had been one scene in the whole movie that I couldn’t avoid really enjoying. The music was just too good and lots of people singing always amaze me. So, on Tuesday I was looking forward to that scene. And it was as good as I hoped! Here’s the one from the movie (ignore the part that is spoiled by the couple’s conversation…I really dislike that they interfere with the whole choral part…):

I did like the whole live thing. I still find it ridiculously romantic. But it is difficult to remain untouched by live music with such powerful tunes and voices. I had a lot of chills running down my spine and in that part where they sing “All I ask of you” I almost shed a tear…There, categorize me as a stereotypical romantic woman if you wish. I am glad I can experience such feelings and emotions. I do doubt anyone would have remained untouched in that situation. (We can test this though…volunteers?)

I also have a new appreciation for those whose work revolves around Opera singing, ballet dancing and live acting, all at the same time! Wow! Impressive!

The problem is that now I have the whole musical in my head…I really don’t like when music lingers for too long. Maybe I will replace it with another musical. Any suggestions?


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