Nature Boy

David Bowie’s version for Moulin Rouge

I haven’t had many songs pop up this week. As I am trying to analyse qualitative data in order to build the first version of the Singing Experience Questionnaire, I am too concentrated/busy to have any music at all pop up. But this one popped up just after I got up this morning…

It was then closely followed by:

I think the pathway was: “Nature Boy, Mouling Rouge, Children of the Revolution, Filhos da Madrugada” (This last one by a famous Portuguese singer and songwriter who wrote many songs during the dictatorship, which had a great impact in the revolution).

It’s interesting to see the way some thoughts make their way into awareness. <- oh dear! What a Freudian comment!! I’m spending too much time with qualitative data! Better get back to work so I can collect some quantitative stuff soon! (Experimental Psychology, I heart you)


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