In the light of recent events…

…in Rio, I have had a movie and much of the music that features in it in my head.


It’s a tough, violent world out there and the lyrics in this Rap (The Rap of the Guns) are elucidative of daily violence turning into banality. The music sounds even happy and makes me want to dance and sing to it but when I pay close attention to the lyrics it always sends chills down my spine and not in a good way. All they describe is extremely violent and cruel for me but clearly not for the singers.

People watching Elite Troop 1 (or 2) may think it’s just a movie and a quite violent one too for that matter. But one thing everyone should know by now about the Brazilian movie industry is that most of their work is more documentary-like than anything else. In fact, if anything they make it lighter than the reality. The high quality of this work allows the whole World to realize that life in the Brazilian slums is not just that of poverty and misery but of violence and an entire different set of ethical and moral standards if one can even call it that.

These movies and the reality of the news allow all of us to make no mistake when defining the situation: it is a war out there. And I will keep paying close attention to its development.

I personally find it more interesting and relevant than any USA-invented wars on “terror”…


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