The West is the best…

…We wished!! The problem with the West is its hypocrisy. By West I mean us and our governments in Europe, the British, the big US of A…Thinking of what is happening to wikileaks I had The End pop up. It has been a while since I first heard it in Apocalypse Now (redux version). Great movie by the way.

But going back to wikileaks, yes, I maintain that our problem as citizens of these countries is that we never expect the Spanish Inquisition…Everyone likes to criticize China and Russia and other places where certain rights we take for granted are, we claim, not respected. But the reality is at least the citizens there know what to expect. We here live in the illusion that we enjoy much more rights when in reality our governments claim something but do something else. In other words, we’re hypocrites. It’s not a transparent system here, and the worse is that we’re not even aware of that!

I do hope this is not the end for wikileaks! As an amateur historian, I also feel we are coming to a great moment in modern History, one of those where there is a before and a after


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