Diminished awareness

Your heart is broken and you don’t seem to mind

Our ability to adapt to whatever circumstances we’re in is useful up until a certain point. We are always experiencing feelings and emotions but sometimes, and I dare say most of the time for many of us, we are not really in touch with those feelings and emotions, we don’t really stop to acknowledge how we’re feeling and explore the reasons why.

It turns out that the first step to solve any problem, be a mathematical or emotional one, is to recognize, to acknowledge, to bring to our attention its existence and main components. Only then can we proceed to figure out the best way to deal with it…

Today I am aware that music was very important in helping me personally to become more aware of my mental life. That push was very important to my well-being. It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself once you start paying more attention to what is going on inside your mind…More importantly, how alive you feel once you become more aware!

There’s always room for improvement!


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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