Baby it’s cold outside

Someone posted this on Twitter the other day with the tag “Slutty, circa 1948” and since then has been on my mind.

This movie makes other issues pop into my mind. Mainly social history-related. I don’t know if this is correct but my perception of the 40’s America is of a much more open-minded and relaxed society than the 50’s. A while ago I realized my historical perception of how society was in the past is largely based on movies not made back then but portraying the past.

Movies are a good source of information because they allow us to see what society tolerates in the screen and that says a lot about collective attitudes. Every time I read somewhere that such and such parts of such movie had to be “edited out” because the “audience” didn’t find it adequate, or every time I go to the cinema and it starts by showing information that the movie has been approved, well besides tiny little vibes of censorship it emanates, it also says a lot about the society I live in. And, I figure, the same must have been true in the past. So when I watch 1940’s movies like Neptune’s Daughter or Bathing Beauty, they do tell me American society was much more relaxed then than I had previously thought. Although by no means do I imply to say that whatever was on the screen reflected exactly how people lived or behaved.

I do remember feeling surprised that Grace Kelly’s character in Rear Window (1954) brings her night gown and stays at James Stuart’s character’s flat overnight, even though it is clear that they are not exactly a couple (yet). So maybe I’m also wrong about the 50’s being much more narrow-minded than the 40’s. I do have some other historical indicators that I am not entirely wrong but I now recall this blog is not about History. But hey, if you happen to like social History as much as I do, let’s share some ideas 🙂

Anyways, the song keeps popping up. It is perfectly adequate to current weather conditions so I don’t mind it. I was also quite happy to see it on Glee’s last episode (yes, yes, I’m still watching that show! So what? I like it!). I like that they had Kurt singing it with the other kid he’s in love with. Teenage love is so dreamy! Gives me a nice feeling 🙂


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