I’m on the…

Every single time I’m in transit and text or call someone to say that I’m on the train or the bus, this song pops up…I can’t help it!

This song then reminds me of a couple of things. First is a line from the 2004 movie “The ladykillers” with Tom Hanks, where the old lady calls hip hop “hippity hop”. Second, it reminds me of this music style and some musicians whose work I respect in this genre.

On top of my list, Da Weasel. This Portuguese group was born in 1993 and it was a very productive project. In the good Portuguese tradition, the lyrics are meaningful and reflect a poetic depth that doesn’t usually feature in the US counterparts.

Then there’s Sam The Kid. Also Portuguese, his 2006 single “Poetas de Karaoke” or “Karaoke Poets”, criticises the meaningless hip hop and pop music, and those who choose to sing in English over Portuguese for the money. This work and the way Sam decided to bring it forward (by invading a radio station) was highly praised by many Portuguese musicians.

His tribute to Carlos Paredes, one of the biggest players of Portuguese guitar, is also brilliantly achieved:

These are the musical places my brain ends up going to whenever I’m on the train/bus/plane and that first song pops up. But I actually quite like the work by these Portuguese artists. In the usual Portuguese tradition, the old is mixed in with the new to create something unique. I love my culture!


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