Early song

This one popped up early today. I was still half-asleep but it was there from around 6.30am (yup, I checked).

I have a sleep disorder that has the nasty name of narcolepsy. When I stay in bed a while longer after waking up on my own in the morning, and fall asleep then more often than not I have an episode. It’s quite annoying so I try not to fall asleep if I want to stay in bed longer. This is particularly difficult when I wake up on my own a couple of hours before the alarm goes off. I am weary of going back to sleep but don’t usually want to get up that early. So I just lie in bed in that state when you’re not really awake but you’re not sleeping either. Or I read…If I fall asleep again, then there’s no chance I’ll be able to get up when the alarm goes off.

It’s nice when there’s some song that pops up and fills my mind with music without much effort. I should keep a record but I have the impression it really helps.


About Rita BA

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