Self censorship

I woke up this morning with a song that I did not wish to mention, playing around in my head, annoyingly. I know where I heard it and assume that’s the reason it popped up so insistently. The lyrics annoy me but unfortunately it’s one of those pop tunes developed to stick around.

At first I decided not to post it. The part of my brain that censures what I write is very insecure, full of fears of social rejection. Want to post smart stuff, show the ample music database that encompasses my taste – but only if it’s “smart”music! That sort of music that people with “good taste” listen too. Such a snob! Stupid censure! Fear of social rejection? Really? On the internet? From the three odd people that read my posts? Please brain, get a grip! It’s a blog on music that pop up. That has popped up…

But what really changed my mind was realizing just a few moments ago that that tune has been replaced by a much loved one without any effort. It simply left my mind, while the substitute tune popped up in such a way that I only became aware of it because I was humming it.

In this very moment I don’t even want to recall what the other song was as I do not wish to risk it coming back (and I like the current one too much so I’ll enjoy it a bit longer).

Not sure that this song would be labelled under “smart music” or “good taste music”.  What is that anyways? Who decides what’s good taste or smart? But who cares? I love it and am really glad it popped up replacing the previous one that was annoying me since I woke up.

So here they are. Glad I decided against censorship.

I really don’t like this song. That’s what I’m saying. However, right now my face is distorting itself in a weird smile and I’m laughing and going “Really? Oh Dear God!!”. The cognitive part of my brain is having trouble with the automatic reactions my limbic system is having. No control over that hence the weird facial distortion. (see David Huron’s work for an explanation on laughter following dissonant cognitive and emotional reactions).

Now, this one I just love. No doubt about it. The great John Williams with his work for the Star Wars main theme.

ahhh…musical bliss. However, the other one gives me – not unpleasant – goosebumps…humm…curious…They do know how to tickle our primitive brain, those pop music artists!


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