Em Português

Since I came back from Portugal after New Year’s my brain has been working more often in Portuguese. I am attributing that to the fact that two of the books I read recently were in Portuguese – “Viagens na minha Terra” and “A cidade e as serras”.

I was starting to worry my brain was only working in English but it’s difficult to find a balance. I don’t want to loose my first language but I can’t overload my brain with two languages at the same time. That hinders my discourse in any of the languages.

I just had to become more aware of how I was feeling towards my language and work out a way to balance things. During work, while out and interacting with people I get my brain in English mode. My Portuguese outlets became reading, listening to music and talking to my parents so in the evening I switch to Portuguese mode. This is working out well as the evenings also coincide with J.’s more active dedication to Portuguese so I can help him out then as well.

Anyone else out there having to balance first language with a work/living language or others? What are your strategies to stay in touch?


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