Many songs!

Some days only one or two songs pop up throughout the day. Others, like today, there’s such a stream of songs popping up that I need to keep a list!

This has been a busy day where each busy moment had the potential to become overwhelming and too much to handle. Thanks to my musical brain, each one of these moments has been successfully copped with by having a different song pop up. Perhaps I don’t need to mention, but this is a completely automatic process in which I have no active control. The song just pops up and each time it seems perfectly adequate to help me deal with whatever emotions are arising in that moment.

In these occasions, the songs are mostly something that makes me laugh either because it’s silly, or is attached to a funny memory. Some songs also help me make a little silly dance that, again, makes me laugh, and let go of whatever is worrying me.

Today I had the following:

No comment…

Wasted Hours is one of my favourites from The Suburbs. If you’re a regular to my blog you know how I feel about Arcade Fire and the events surrounding the end of 2010 concerts I missed…In any case, no need to discuss it further (I am trying to suppress thoughts related to such traumatic experiences!!).

The song tells of a very sad place to be in. However, the song per se does not make me sad…

and last, don’t know why and don’t judge me!!

And that’s all for today (so far!!).

Post-Script: had another one pop up 🙂 It’s the theme song for the movie The Longest Day. Great song too!


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2 Responses to Many songs!

  1. So, most of the time your video links don’t work for me here in the U.S. – however, most of the time, it’s totally worth me youtube-ing them myself. Love this post!

    • Rita Bee says:

      oh, I didn’t know youtube would do that! Well, I’m glad you can still check them out somehow! 🙂 And thanks!! Glad someone else likes it 🙂

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