The last list

Hopefully! And I mean this in a good way. Although I do like lists, I like having proper internet a lot more! Today we finally got BT to fix our internet connection (after 2 months of waiting and internet through a slow dongle!!). Yay!

To say farewell to this period of hardship, here are the songs that popped up in my head throughout the week. It’s a pretty interesting mix too. I got songs from the 40s, from the 50s, movies, musicals, the 80s…

What can I say? It was really warm last Sunday. I’m susceptible to environmental primes…

Ella’s beautiful voice interpreting an awesome song (I also liked the version in the ).

Billy Mack in Love Actually. What can I say? Christmas songs pop up in my head often throughout the year! This one is so silly! It cracks me up!

Sometimes Frank just pops up. It’s music to go with my vintage moods. The best interpreters can do what Frank did. Even when they don’t really mean it/feel it, they can still express the song’s emotions through their voice. I do wonder what kind of emotions he was experiencing though. If he just did like any good actor would do and really “be” the feeling in that moment independent of what his real life was like.

Yoda’s theme song brings me back such good childhood memories! It’s such a beautiful song, full of hope. It has travelled beyond the movie for me.

Dancing Queen popped up some time in the middle of the week. And I liked it! No judging!

This reminded me of how much I liked Mamma Mia, the movie, and left me wondering if I should go up to London for the musical…Yes, I like musicals! So what?

This one just pops up every.single.time I walk past a YMCA building…

A classical for my musical brain. My favourite movie too (despite the lack of accuracy regarding slavery).

And that’s it (it was a busy week!). But from now on I’ll be able to post more frequently so no more long posts/lists! yay!


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