iLike the beat

Sometimes all I want to do is dance (some people may call it “jump around”).

Does anyone understand this urge? Do you ever listen to a song that just makes you feel like getting up and jump around? I wonder particularly about that sort of reaction with men and I am not asking if it happens when you’re drunk…


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2 Responses to iLike the beat

  1. Jude says:

    I attended a performance of the William Tell Overture at the Aspen Music Festival and I felt like running. But since I’m utterly incapable of dancing, music doesn’t generally make me want to dance. The song you embedded above mostly makes me want to run away from it, but instead, I just pushed stop.

    • Rita Bee says:

      Well, I used dance but what I do wouldn’t be described as dancing by most people. Just that urge to move to the sound. Regarding the posted song that was in my head, interesting reaction. Any particular reason why?

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