From an ad

The music in my head this morning is from a video built, I imagine, to energize people in Portugal, to ask them to vote,and  be united in making our society survive the crisis and our own selves.

The video shows a series of well-known people in our country but also some members of the general public. They tell us they will be and do a long list of achievements such as having cutting edge research on energy production from ocean waves; be world leader in renewable energies; produce some of the best wines in the world; invent and develop the best system of pre-paid mobile phones in the world; invent a biometric system for fast payment at gas stations; be world leader in the production on corks; develop the best ATM system in the world making it possible to do tasks that are impossible in Germany, England or the US…

They finish by saying they know they will make it. They know they will make it because they have done it before.

In the end of the video the sentence “On Sunday go vote and on Monday let’s work” wraps it up.

Anyone who knows Portuguese ads or tv campaigns be it for mobile phones

or recycling,

knows the [background] music is obviously a detail the people who designed them thought through and play with. Obviously they know the power of music to get people’s attention or even to motivate them for something.

In these hard times, when countless Maddofs and faceless Fitches try to destroy world economy, the European project and the Euro, it is no surprise they would attack the small, peripheral EU countries first. Their work is easier when the society in those countries is already quite negative. Given the history of national pessimism and shared tendency for depression, I don’t see why they didn’t attack us first! It is so easy to get a Portuguese down!

I like to think that this campaign will unite us and help bring us up. But hopelessness is a shared trait and one we seem to cherish so I don’t know how far that will go.

In a self-fulfilling prophecy style, harsh times are at our door. Let’s see how much music will help us survive this time!


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