Today in Portuguese

I apologise to the English readers but today I need to post something that concerns the Portuguese scientists and researchers. I do have a song in my head regarding this issue so your time is not totally lost.

The following document is a manifesto for the future of science in Portugal in this time of change and uncertainty. It is not yet clear what path the new government will take regarding research and scientific endeavour. In the past, the right-wing governments were not so supportive of research, not making any clear efforts to boost it. With the Socialist Party’s government in the last 6 years a clear program of support for research was developed and now that they’re out again (and after some rather discouraging indications from the new government regarding this issue), Portuguese researchers and scientists are getting a bit stressed out and wonder what will happen after 2013 when the funding program ends.

The document highlights the role of research and scientific work in any society that wishes to perform at its best, and underscores the need to keep supporting basic research as well as bigger projects.

Anyway, here it is for all my Portuguese colleagues out there.



There is also a link where you can show some support for this document.

Audaces fortuna iuvat


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