Popping up in thirds

This past weekend I had about three songs that kept playing in my head. Strange love by Depeche Mode, These boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra (which in my head became These shoes aren’t made for walking), and Get Back by The Beatles (“get back Jojo!”).

I can see why These boots are made for walking would pop up. I spent the weekend walking around town with family who was visiting. My chucks, however, were NOT the best for walking in the rain…I like to make fun of the uncomfortable situations I often find myself in.

I am not sure about the other two. Get Back may have popped given my recent attempt (read “need”) at trying to motivate myself to get back on that writing horse. Cortisol study I is over, conferences and seminars are coming up and I need to get my sh*t together. I also really like the Beatles and Get Back is actually one of my favourite songs of all times.

That’s one thing that happens to me when I need to get motivated: an inspirational song pops up in my head and then repeats as needed for as long as necessary…Weirdooo

Strange Love I don’t know why. I do like Depeche Mode but that is not one of my favs. I would prefer Enjoy the Silence for instance…oh well…

Then this Monday I have another three songs in my head. It seems they’re coming in threes these days. They actually popped up but on Grooveshark.com, not on my head…Spotify has limited listening time now and I am experimenting with alternatives.

There’s Waiting For The End by Linkin Park, The Cave by Mumford & Sons, and The Scientist by Coldplay.

Ahhh, I missed Linkin Park. I have good memories of their previous work, back at Uni, going to their concert in Lisbon…I was expecting some more screaming (screeching?), like in Numb or In The End, but Waiting For The End was a pleasant surprise. Not that I dislike their soft/hard transitions. But after such a long time not listening to them, was pleasant to be reeled in in a softer way.


The Cave is actually my first Mumford & Sons. That is, it is the first time I actively seek their work.

The Scientist is an oldie in my brain. I have been thinking about Coldplay’s earlier work quite a lot lately. I miss it…

I will now give my brain a break from popping songs up and will feed it some more. A Thousand Suns is playing in GrooveShark…

Where do you get your daily musical fix from? Radio, ipod, mp3 player, spotify, iTunes, wmp, something like grooveshark, cd player, vynil?



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