Too many to keep track

I had a few songs popping up this morning that I really wanted to post…But it has been such a flow of songs this morning that I forgot most of them. I am trying to remember the one I woke up with but without success. This is why lists are useful people! Keeping track of what your overloaded brain can’t.

I will leave you with the latest one. You know when you haven’t heard a song you really like for such a long time (so long you might have forgotten it) and then when it plays you just sit back, take a deep breath while bringing a hand to your chest and think “ohhh I really like this song”.  It’s so relaxing. It’s like meeting a friend you hadn’t seen for a long time and feeling relieved he/she is ok 🙂


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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