When all you have is a fragment…

Last night this song popped up…well, not exactly. All I had was a fragment of a tune I couldn’t reproduce properly and three words of the lyrics “walking with spiders”. No matter how I tried to “sing” it to J., there was no way he would be able to help me figure out what song it was: “Walking with spiders? That doesn’t sound right.” he said. I also recalled it was something recent. However, when I attempted to reproduce the tune, J. felt it was something from the 80’s. As I said, I was not very successful at reproducing the tune I had in my head.

But alas, “Google is your friend” (as J. likes to remind me when I’m searching for something). So a quick Google search on the words “walking with spiders lyrics” revealed that indeed the fragment of song that popped up in my head exists:

Terrible Love by The National it was. I believe the spider part popped up because I spent the day planting veggies in the backyard and there were spiders everywhere!! That’s my story! Thanks to Google, I was able to move beyond the “walking with spiders” part as it was really starting to annoy me. It’s terrible when you know there’s more to it but you just can’t recall!


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