Before I get on with what finally happened, let me share the song in my head this morning:

I missed Moby. I used to be very aware of his work but that died out a few years back but I still like him and Honey popped up just now so had to share.

What I really wanted to talk about in this Sunday post was something else though so I’ll get on with it.

Arrrcade Fiérrrre! 😀 I have been wanting to post this for a while and there was even an instance or two these past couple of weeks when one of their songs popped up and I could have mentioned it then but was just so busy I had to let it go. That and I also wanted to share the Estonian experience first which happened around the same time.

On the 30th of June I finally got to see Arcade Fire live! My awesome husband-to-be got us tickets back in December when I was so down for having been prevented from seeing Arcade Fire live. As some of you will remember, I had tickets for their Lisbon concert (the first of the tour) that was cancelled because of a NATO meeting (not that they need to meet, being the hypocrites that we are…but that’s another conversation). When it became clear that wouldn’t happen (and knowing I’d get a refund) I got tickets for their London concert at the O2. Obviously, come December 2nd, Southern Railway trains up to London were cancelled due to snow…This time we didn’t get a refund so I was just really sad I wouldn’t get an opportunity to see them in this tour.

But J is awesome and got us both tickets for their June concert at Hyde Park. We were quite fortunate with the line-up too. Besides Arcade Fire, we got to see Beirut as well, which we love, and Mumford & Sons was pretty good too.

When Arcade Fire started their performance it was such an emotional moment I even felt a bit tearful. It was such a bumpy road but I finally got there!


Next time though I will try to mingle amongst a more like-minded crowd…The great thing about concerts is to experience the music coming from the stage but also from all around you. Is the opportunity to sing with others. That doesn’t seem to happen much when you’re not in the main audience area…Actually, the fact that I could even divide the Hyde Park space into “one main audience area” and “the people who were just standing there watching, God knows why” sounds a bit weird to me.

That is why I generally prefer to go to indoor concerts. Although this was clearly advertised as an Arcade Fire concert, the fact is it has “music festival” written all over it. I am starting to suspect that when there’s a “festival” label you get people who are only there just to say that they’ve been to that festival. Somehow, it became a status phenomena. As if it makes you instantly cool to have been to Glastonbury, or one of Hyde Park’s concerts…

Those people really annoy me. I wish they weren’t there…Oh well, I’m still pretty happy I got to experience another Arcade Fire concert. They were amazing as expected and I can’t wait to see them again…some time…some day…



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