It’s a cover in my head but I’ll go with the original…

Today in my head Hate on me.

To be honest it’s the Glee version in my head because that’s how I got to know this song. But I wanted to share Jill Scott’s version too because she just has such a powerful voice I didn’t want it to be missed.

So often happens that we are exposed to a song and go on accepting that version as the original when in reality someone else came up with it and perhaps even performed it much better. I am now thinking particularly about recent versions I heard of some 80’s hits that just made me sick…Physically even. I mean, what’s up with that repetition thing? It’s so sickening! Even if the purpose was to make some “dance” music, please! The best dance music I know evolves! Doesn’t just put a “repeat” on a section of a song!!

On the other hand, Pearl Jam has famously brought to us Last Kiss that is arguably one of the best versions of that song. But then again, that was the first version I’ve heard of it and may be biased by the process above mentioned…

Not to say that, in this case, I think Glee’s version is worse than the original. Because it isn’t. Amber Riley has an equally powerful voice. But I do think the original is awesome so I’m going with that one today.


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One Response to It’s a cover in my head but I’ll go with the original…

  1. Jude says:

    I didn’t hear Buddy Holly’s Everyday until long after I’d heard James Taylor’s cover. Give me Buddy Holly Everyday.

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