I’m on a break

Not really, just from internet. Well, I do spend my mornings (from 9am until 1pm because I’m cancer conscious!) on the beach, soaking Portuguese South-West sun and Atlantic waters.

Don’t judge me! After months of English weather, my body is in need of some sun exposure. I was so white my family had difficulties recognizing me! Well, kind of…they just made a little bit of fun…But the joke is on them ah! Even though I protect my skin with 40+ sunblock (again, cancer conscious), only after a morning on the beach my skin was already reverting to its tanned self. I have that kind of skin. I never need to use self-tan or any sort of tan enhancer. Just need good protection and real sun 🙂

But the afternoons are still work time. In any case, internet is scarce and…I am not on a boat!

I will keep a list of songs that pop-up this Summer and make a longer post when I get back to full internet access. Until then, enjoy your Summer!


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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