I’m back, I’m back

Here I am again, back in the UK, after some nice weeks in sunny, warm Portugal…Oh how I miss thee!

Right, so I made a list of a few songs that popped up along the way. But before I move on to post those, let me post the ones I have in my head in this very musical morning. It’s sort of a mash up, in loop. Becoming a bit annoying actually so I’m hoping that posting them will bring me some rest.

I have “Damn it, Janet“, “Time of my life” (mental images of the movie included), and “Mamma Mia“. Let me tell you I have no idea where this is coming from right now. I just woke up with these songs mashing up in my head.

Moving forward, here are some songs that popped up while I was on holidays. I made a little list so these are in the order I have them in the list.

I particularly missed Brian Adams and I think hanging out with my sister prompted those musical memories (older sis loves BA).

You may also deduce why “Panic” popped up at some point.

The 5th song in the list translates to “Goodbye, I am leaving”. It’s a Portuguese song and I’m sure you’ll be able to guess why that popped up as well. I really like going back to my country but I just hate goodbyes! This song expresses my feelings in those moments all too well and you don’t need to know Portuguese to get what I mean from the music. In fact, in the song he talks about going back to his home-town after years of being away, about seeing his parents who he hadn’t seen for a very long time, etc., not going away from it and saying goodbye to his parents, but anyway, the emotion fits perfectly.

Here should be a link to “Give a Little, Get a Little” by Ella Fitzgerald but couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s worth checking though.

Moving on…

And then Bon Jovi had a massive concert in Lisbon which led to this one:

Love that start.

So this was it folks…Or at least what got into the list. There may have been some popping up while I was swimming those clear waters, under the warm sun but hey, everyone deserves a break!




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