Conference season

So I’m in Toronto right now. Got here last Tuesday and am leaving tomorrow. Perhaps should write this post in a better mood but decided not to procrastinate on this too!

I came here for the International Symposium on Performance Science 2011 and presented a poster with my cortisol study results yesterday (Friday). Was not really looking forward to it more because, in my view, there is so much wrong with that study but ended up having nice chats with interested colleagues.

I am not sure if I can really talk of a “conference season” but for me it has been. Exactly a year ago I was in Seattle for the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Obviously, in the Southern Hemisphere, conference season is around December.

So basically we try to do it in warmer times. I guess it’s because organizers want to attract as many academics as possible and obviously below-freezing temperatures, storms, monsoons or anything too wild is a bit unattractive for most of us. Also, no one wants to do it during Summer breaks. Which professor would want to interrupt their Summer holidays? Or anyone who has them really? So in Europe it’s either the couple of months before August or after, in early September. It seems North America chooses end of August, and Southern Hemisphere, end of November or early December.

It may also be because these are the times undergraduates are not on campus and, therefore, organizing institutions have more space to offer (and get to fill their halls in the otherwise empty Summer months).

Back to the Toronto conferece. It is a different crowd here, as there is a focus on performance but I have been to a couple of interesting talks.

There was one yesterday on ground-breaking evidence on how what people say they do/teach in ballet is really not what happens. The woman presenting it has had a hard time getting her message across ballet academies and teachers. The evidence is strong, the biomechanics are clear, but people just don’t want to hear that what they thought was going on and what they have been forcing their students to do for so many years, risking injury, is really not what 1) should be done and 2) is being done.

We can be stupid that way. What a stupid species we are! Some times I find it hard to believe we have created so many intelligent things.

That leads me to the song that has been in my head lately. Unfortunately, being in North America I have been exposed to a couple of things that I wish I had remained ignorant about: the Kardashians and, through them, a song by Katy Perry.

I don’t really feel like posting the youtube video on my blog so I’ll leave a link and you can go check it there.

A couple of things come to mind: 1) American society as a whole is superficial as a 1st degree burn, and 2) no wonder the Chinese are much ahead of their game now. The ultra consumerism, greed, misogyny (promoted by women themselves), ignorance and deception techniques pushed on all of us are sickening. I wish they stopped trying already! Like a boisterous teenage boy who had too much beer at a party and is trying hard to impress a girl who clearly is not impressed…But he can’t see it because he is so self-centered (and drunk).

Would you sit around and wait for him to grow-up and sober up or just ignore him and move away?


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