Last week was a busy one, preparing studies, thesis drafts, study reports, ethical applications, the usual PhD hypes before a deadline you probably set on yourself.

Although I spent the whole week working on the effects of singing on well-being, I had very few songs popping up in my head. I guess being busy with theoretical and academic work while listening to Hans Zimmer’s work for The Dark Knight on repeat (if you don’t know why, find out here) makes it difficult for any song to pop up.

On Wednesday I had the choir rehearsal and that was the exception filling my head with new sounds and songs.

Yes, we are preparing Mozart’s Requiem for the Christmas concert at the Canterbury Cathedral on the 6th of December. It is a challenge but I felt a lot more confident during the first rehearsal I went to this year than I did to the first rehearsal a year ago so that must mean I am learning something! Right?!

I have had this one in my head since then. It makes me want to go and sing with the tenors.


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One Response to Mozart

  1. Jude says:

    Stephen Colbert tweeted about a song stuck in his head:!/StephenAtHome/status/126685118764036096

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