Didn’t know them but like it

My sister is going to a concert tonight by these guys. Has some potential to become quite noisy live but, in any case, am enjoying listening to their work.



In the meantime, my struggle to find volunteers to my next study continues. Gosh it’s hard to get people to come sing! How will the field move forward if we keep doing research with singers only? No, we have to start getting data from people who don’t sing in a choir or don’t see themselves as singers.

But there seems to be a real barrier in our minds to take the step to sing in front of others. Now add absolutely no obligation to that frame-of-mind and you get the picture on how difficult it is for me to convince people that spending a couple of hours on the afternoon of some cold weekend in November is going to be fun! Do people still do something for someone else just for fun? I mean, I can’t even give them some monetary compensation for their participation, so no money in it for them either! It’s a real challenge…Music is the last thing on my mind these days…


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