Grande Zeca

Today I had this one in my head the whole morning. But just the music. I couldn’t recall the lyrics. I wasn’t even sure who it was by. I had an idea and I was wrong. Oh well, I found it in the end.

I wanted to share this version and couldn’t find it on youtube so let me know if the link does not work. You should be listening to “Senhor Arcanjo”, from the Album Filhos da Madruga cantam José Afonso. 

The original is by José Afonso, a Portuguese musician who wrote many, many songs during the dictatorship and against it. I guess it was his way to stay sane under so much lack of freedom. I shared many of his songs before but usually sung by him. This one, however, popped up in this version, I guess because it’s the one I know best and listen to most.

Does it also make you want to dance?


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