Mind over Matter

Today I feel a bit sick and will have to miss the choir rehearsal for the second week. Last week I was busy finishing an abstract to submit to the Aubrey Hickman award (not that I think that I have a chance but I needed the pressure to get some work done). Today I just feel like I’ve got a cold in a mix of headache, stomach-ache and neck ache. It’s that time of the year anyway isn’t it?

Despite the feeling that my brain and neck are being compressed, while my stomach is trying to sort out some bad bug, I still decided to get some work done. I may not be in the best shape to leave the house and travel for two hours and half to go to the rehearsal but I refuse to stay in bed!

The song that has been in my head is appropriate. The way I am feeling, it is a great triumph to be able to do some work. I think, in part, having the song in my head helps me keep going…But it could all be the fever speaking…~


About Rita BA

I read, I write, I think, I dream, I write a bit more...
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