Once and The Swell Season

Yesterday I finally watched Once. Got the dvd a while ago but hadn’t had the chance to watch until now. Was much better than I expected, story-wise. With so many Hollywood movies forced into our minds throughout the years, one never knows what to expect from a movie that describes itself as a love story. Fortunately, was not Hollywoodesque at all. Things are so different with European movies! For the better!

Their musical work I already knew was brilliant. So today I am happy to have The Swell Season’s work in my head.

And because it is hard for me not to see things through the lenses of my research, I also found the movie as another piece of anecdotal evidence for the power of music.

SPOILER ALERT – If you are thinking about watching the movie and don’t like spoilers, DO NOT keep reading as what I will mention may spoil it for you.

What is interesting for me is to see two people who are strangers to one another coming together through their love of music and making something extremely beautiful despite their differences. They don’t know anything about one another, they have different cultural backgrounds, different stories but still they find a common ground. And it’s not just that they find common understanding and become friends. They get together and make music as if they have known each other their whole lives.

Looking at how inhumane we can all be, music gives me a little bit of hope for a more humane humankind.


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