This week I am extremely busy doing all the last minute arrangements for my next study. This is an experiment that I have worked very hard for the last two years to put into place and this next weekend is the only time it can happen. Organizing everyone was a nightmare and there were times that I thought it would be impossible, and of course, until Sunday afternoon, so much can still go wrong! But I have checked and double-checked my questionnaires and tomorrow will do the same before printing so hopefully, at least that will be in order.

At the same time, I have a conference to send abstracts to, a grant to start thinking about, data to analyse and reports to write. With all the deadlines and time-frames I have set for myself, time is starting to feel like something I don’t have.

I did have a couple of songs pop in my head yesterday. Or was it the day before? I don’t even remember what they were! There haven’t been many opportunities for songs to pop up this week. You know that when I work, I use Hans Zimmer’s work to focus, so only Dark Knight and Inception OSTs for me today.

I did go to the Opera on Saturday evening. My lovely husband found this great deal online and surprised me with it. Off we went up to London to see Castor et Pollux.

It was a great coincidence that I had been talking about enjoying a song and not necessarily the lyrics on the previous post. I really did not like the English lyrics. Too over the top romantic, as in 18th/19th centuries romanticism. This would have been ok had there been a clear visual indication that the context was from another time and place. But I found very unsettling the great dissonance between the content and the modern ways in which the performers were dressed.

I honestly don’t know what they were trying to achieve with that but I just felt like there was nothing for me to connect with the performer. The story simply has no parallel in our society, no topic that could be deemed “universal” and transcend a time or a place.

The music was very good though. But I did have to close my eyes to enjoy it as everything else was just too distracting in a “WTF?!” kind of way. For the entire duration of the first part I really couldn’t get past the fact these people wearing suits and short dresses were talking as if Zeus and all that Greek mythology was a reality!

After I made my peace with that during the break, I was then able to finally enjoy the beautiful music.

I don’t expect to have time this week for another post but you never know! Time is a strange thing…



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