Music and words

Because music and words are the only tools I have to communicate the urgency of the hour to my fellow Portuguese citizens.

It is my opinion that Portugal has failed the test of Democracy and is now very close to returning to its anti-democratic ways. It has become clear to me that the past 37 years haven’t been enough for us to successfully implant democratic ways in our minds and society.

In these current times of crisis, people have started to be so afraid that they are now surrendering their democratic rights without a fight, without even questioning. These rights have started to be labelled as “rich people’s privileges” by some newspaper editors (coincidently, papers owned by members of the government), unnecessary time-wasters and formalities.

With a prime-minister who is just a puppet for a minister of finances, who wasn’t democratically elected and is making decisions without any respect for the Constitution or elected parliament, it’s all starting to look like history is repeating itself. For those of you who didn’t study European or Portuguese History, our dictator came to power in the 1930’s in the exact same way. If it wasn’t so tragic I would laugh at the coincidence!

So, listening to this song makes me cry. Because today, 41 years after Salazar died and 37 years after democracy started, we are again very close to loose it all. So, as this song from those fighting days advises me, I don’t want to waste the precious time we might have left to avoid this catastrophe. I want to get people, inside and out of Portugal, to know what is going on, wake up to this eminent tragedy. I want to be proved wrong…


About Rita BA

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