If I had to choose which fictional character has mostly influenced my life, I would have to go with Indiana Jones. Most of my childhood movies were chosen by my older sister. She was already a teenager when I was 6, and all we watched together were the movies she was interested in. Which were always pretty cool, by the way. Star Wars, Back to the Future, E.T…oh, a theme is starting to emerge here…humm…

Anyway, Indiana Jones is definitely my favourite. Thinking about it, my love for the idea of scholarship and academia, little notebooks, leather brown backpacks, old maps, and travelling can all be traced back to Indiana.

Now, I don’t know if I preferred Indiana Jones because I already had a preference for all those things or if watching the movie made me like those things. Does this make sense?

To be fair, I probably watched Indiana Jones as many times as I watched Back to the Future and Star Wars so probably I already had a preference for that, and the movie just gave body to my preferences, reinforcing them.

What about you? What was your most influential fictional character, and is there a song that goes with her?



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2 Responses to Indiana

  1. Rebecca says:

    indiana Jones was definitively one of my heroes, along with McGyver (N°1 on the list!) and the Junior Woodchucks. Star Wars was also obviously on the list too!
    Thinking of it, John Williams, who did lods of amazing theme songs, is a genius! Can you imagine that he wrote the music for Indiana Jones, Jaws, Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter… All very good and famous tunes!
    Ah, I wish I had his talent 🙂 !

    • Rita Bee says:

      Agreed! John Williams is one of the great musical genius of our times!

      Oh McGyver! Yes! Was awesome! Also a hero and also sponsored by my sister 😉

      miss you Réb, bisous

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